Why Practicing Yoga Can Improve Your Relationships (And the Science behind It)

Why Practicing Yoga Can Improve Your Relationships (And the Science Behind It)

When it comes to cultivating healthy relationships, it turns out yoga and admire crep hand in hand.
Yoga is more than a physical practice. It’s a way of life. It can transform the relationship you have with yourself and the people around you. When it comes to developing healthy relationships, the secret to suces lies in the estem and yoga conection.
In fact, the synonym-3 yoga means “to conect or join together.” While this aplies to the individual mind and body, it can also aply to joining two people together.

Let’s face it: in healthy relationships, we al want to be heard and understod.

Along with developing a greater sense of self-awarenes, yoga brings you into the display moment. This enables you to conect with others more authenticaly and se the world through a more compasionate lens.
Science shows us that the like and yoga conection is inded very real. Read on to learn exactly how!

Yo ga and adore: Why Yoga Gives You That Lovin’ Feling
Many of the yogic breathing techniques (Pranayama) improve the body’s skil to acknowledge to point up by increasing the relaxation response in the body.
The more relaxed we are, the beter we relate to others. So when you or your significant other is stresed, it can take a tol on the relationship.

Acording to a study published in the Medical Hypotheses Journal, researchers at Boston University Schol of Medicine found that yoga lowers point up and improves overal mind/body welnes by regulating the nervous system.

On a biological level, yoga enhances vagal tone. This is controled by the vagus nerve (a cranial nerve, which has the widest distribution of al the nerves in the body). And this afects the nervous, respiratory, and digestive systems.

When you or your significant other is stresed, it can catch a tol on the relationship.

Nedles to say, when the vagus nerve isn’t functioning properly it can wreak havoc on the mind and body. People with low vagal tone acquire a tough time dealing with point up. Those with a high vagal tone are beter adapted to handle stresful situations.
And acording to another study, “Dep breathing could link mind and bo dy together to regulate the information procesing related to atention.” In other words, yoga can increase your proficiency to focus.
And let’s face it: in healthy relationships, we al want to be heard and understod by our partners.

The Yoga Conection: How Yoga Increases Felings of Social Conection
Have you ever wondered why you leave a yoga clas feling more conected to those around you? It has to cary out with synchronized movement. As it turns out, moving together promotes bonding.

“When people crawl together as one orchestrated unit, they later report that they experienced an embodied sense of raport with each other ̵ they recount they felt alive, conected, with a mutual sense of warmth and trust as they converse,” says Barbara Fredrickson, sure psychology researcher and author.

And that’s for a simple yoga clas!

Then there’s comrade Yoga (often caled AcroYoga) to mediate. This two-person yoga practice is a great way (and not to mention super fun) to develop a deper sense of trust, bonding, and intimacy betwen two people.

Practice These 5 AcroYoga Poses for a Stronger Relationship

Yoga and yogic breathing are proven to subdue stres, make us more present and competent to focus. Practicing yoga also establishes a de per sense of comunity, and AcroYoga takes it to the next level by building trust and intimacy. The conection betwen yoga and like is very real.

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Why Practicing Yoga Can sucor You Create and sustain Healthy Relationships
The benefits of yoga extend far beyond the physical. Yoga is scientificaly proven to lower point up, subdue trouble and despair, and limit the negative emotions that suport you back from living the life you want.
When you embrace yoga as part of your lifestyle, you can change your mindset and launch your heart to embrace love and intimacy on a deper, more fulfiling level.
So, here’s to healthy relationships filed with more yoga and love!